Contemplation and Action

What are we after when we seek to discern the channeling of the winds of Spirit in our lives? The alternative might look like this: A fireman, racing off to answer an alarm. A laborer punching the time clock to start a shift. A hiker trudging step after weary step on a journey with no certain end.

Much of our lives are given to striving. Perhaps we set goals. Maybe the goals are well-thought-out ambitions like saving for retirement, or earning degrees to add to our value. Worthwhile pursuits, certainly, but how often do we accomplish a goal, only to be met with an empty feeling?

A core idea of spiritual direction is seeking to connect contemplation and action. In today’s world, there are way too many fires for any individual – even a great leader of people – to put out. What does that mean to you? That is the role of opening ourselves up, then reflecting on the experience. Can you hear the still small voice in the clamor of daily routine?