Who? When? Why?

Who Seeks Spiritual Direction? My clients are generally healthy people who recognize that life is not a contest won by the one who dies with the most stuff. The relationship is centered in the oneness of matter and spirit and the quest for addressing an integrated whole as essential to a satisfying life.

When? Spiritual Direction is a relationship that responds to the events of your life. There are times of development – growing pains maybe – when more directive activity is necessary than others. But it is also a valuable “quiet place” in a busy schedule where, apropos of nothing, anything can happen.

Why? We tend to segment our lives and being. Body, mind and spirit are often treated as if they are somehow separate, independent aspects of our existence instead of being inseparable as the facets of a gem. In times of our lives, perhaps one or another might get more emphasis: for a child, perhaps, physical development is topmost. Later on, expanding the mind helps us fit in and find our way in a world that requires both enmeshment and boundaries. But the spiritual life is not optional. It is at once the realization and the point of contact where our unitary selves recognize our participation in the all-in-all. We might work with a coach for physical development and a teacher for our education, but how do we navigate the spiritual life?
For many, church is an answer. For others, it might call for a more personal focus.