My Own Story

Doug Fritzsche, MDiv, HR

During the past decade and more, I have been inspired by a spiritual director who helped me find perspective and discernment – not just during the bumps and crises on the path – but also in the day-to-day walk. I am now offering that quiet guidance to others.

I have spent my years as a pastor divided between the needs of the church as an institution and the concerns of the individuals who are experiencing the realities of life and trying to apply spiritual tools to material nuts and bolts. That latter has led into times of pastoral counseling, chaplaincy, visitations, shared discernment, focused prayer and the many other shades a pastoral relationship might involve. High on my list of rewarding spiritual adventures has been my involvement in contemplative worship – time of sharing and focused, centering prayer.

I was ordained a minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA), and have a Masters of Divinity degree from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. I am honorably retired from church ministry. Before attending seminary I have a whole previous career as a business owner and as a journalist. These occupations have given me a solid footing in the relationships and challenges of modern life. I am in my second marriage. I have grown children and grandchildren of varying ages. I am fully versed in the joy and heartbreak of family life and the demands of career. I have an extensive background in recovery and 12-step work.